Have you ever wondered about how to apply Agile outside of IT? There are many benefits to using Agile that could lead to even greater results if leveraged in other departments throughout your business. We have been exploring ways to apply Agile outside of IT to areas that can really benefit a business: Marketing.

What better place to leverage Agile than in Marketing? We have been developing products more efficiently and getting to market faster, why not enhance how we promote the products and reach our customers with Agile as well?

The Agile Marketing Academy was created from years of study on the relationship between marketing and sales while incorporating Agile techniques that have yielded such incredible results in product development, software development, and across various other industries. The Academy’s Case Study programs have yielded more than 300% revenue increase in less than 6 months and more than 780% growth in just a year by applying Agile Marketing. Imagine what this kind of growth could do for your company.

The Agile Marketing Academy is an organization that holds the standardized knowledge base and best practices for how corporations, business owners, and individuals leverage rapid learning cycles to enhance their marketing. These practices lead to marketing systems that maximize sales and results while delivering breakthrough performance and customer satisfaction. The Agile Marketing Academy is the certifying body for the Certified Agile Marketing Specialist (CAMS), Certified Agile Marketing Practitioner (CAMP), Certified Agile Marketing Coach (CAMC), and Certified Agile Marketing Trainer (CAMT).

We are excited to hold a 2-day in person Certified Agile Marketing Specialist (CAMS) training course in the D.C. area. Discover the industry best practices in applying Agile to Marketing to get the results you want in business growth.

Join us, get certified, and learn how Agile Marketing can enhance your business: https://AgileMarketingDC.eventbrite.com

-Maria Matarelli

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