We attend and sponsor a lot of conferences – and I do mean a lot. You would think that after sponsoring and going to so many, conferences might get stale and boring, but our experience has been just the opposite. We recently packed our bags to follow the Path to Agility conference in Columbus and this 2-day experience taught us a lot.

The 8th annual Path to Agility conference brought 800 people to the Ohio Union building in downtown Columbus. Attendees were energized and really brought some amazing enthusiasm to a 7AM start time. We appreciated the focus on curiosity and self care that seemed to dominate the minds of these agilists.

I was pleasantly surprised by the range of session topics presented. It wasn’t geared towards several “paths” to follow, so much, as presenting as many different paths to learn something new or help develop your skills more. There were some agile basics, like story mapping and team building, more advanced topics, like agile metrics and agile performance holarchy, and some that sparked real debate and hands-on learning. Our own Raj Indugula presented on Be Ready, Be Done; The Art of Slicing User Stories, which received much praise and the opportunity to expand into several conversations.

It’s always great to meet so many new people and make lasting connections. Our Path to Agility allowed for some great conversations, enlightening moments of knowledge gathering, and a reminder that being agile and awesome starts with us and our tribes.

Keep following your Path to Agility and maybe our paths will cross.

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