On August 31st I blogged about the new CSM Exam. The test created considerable controversy and confusion. As such, this blog summarizes the two current posts on the Scrum Alliance News Section as they relates to the new CSM Exam.

You Will Need to Take the Test, But For Now, It Looks Like Everyone Passes!

According to the Scrum Alliance Website News Post from September 21st and September 24th, beginning October 1 there will be an online exam for those that take a CSM Class. The cost of the exam will be included in your course fee. According the September 21st post, initially, all CSM students who take the test will receive a passing grade.

At some point in the future, passing and failing grades will be given. So if you become a CSM in the near future, the good news is that you take a test for free that you can’t fail! If you do not read or speak English you won’t have to take the exam for now.

Good News for Current CSMs Also

All current CSM’s have had their membership automatically renewed for 2 years and will not have to take the exam until 2011; at that point you will have to pay $150 and pass the online exam.

Variations on Exams and the Future

Three variations of the exam will launch on October 1 with a total pool of 90 questions, 60 of which will be posed, and the Scrum Alliance will use initial results to determine the best 60 questions.

Over time, the exam will be converted into multiple languages.


The new CSM Exam is currently in a state of change and we will keep you up to date on the practical implications as we learn more.

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