An agile business has, at its base, a network of end-to-end, entrepreneurial End-to-End Value Stream Teams that are focused on improving customer experiences, and adapting rapidly to their changing needs.

These Value Stream Teams extend the notion of ‘stable agile teams’ and extends it across the full range of activities that it takes to define, build, and deploy a solution.  In a sense, it is a company within a company that can take full ownership and accountability of its product.

This entrepreneurial unit is able to move with speed and flexibility because it does not need to navigate ten different silos and functions.  It has all of the skills and resources that it needs to deliver, right now. 

Minimal, sufficient-to-purpose Digital and Portfolio Management oversight and governance defines how the Value Stream Teams operate. This includes short term considerations like metrics, investment, measurement and reporting, and long-term considerations like strategy and roadmaps.

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