So, it’s time for the yearly agile tribal gathering once again!  Our @LitheSpeed team is en route to Orlando, and we’re proud to sponsor the conference for another year.

For some of the ole’ timers on the team, like @agiletoolkit Bob Payne, George Dinwiddie and myself, it’s been a trek we’ve been making for decades, since 2002, with the first combined conference in Salt Lake City.   Along the way, we’ve encountered belly dancers, taco trucks, boat rides (thanks @VersionOne for setting the standard!), and of course parties galore.

This year marks a very special milestone for us at LitheSpeed: it is LitheSpeed’s 10th anniversary.  We are incredibly grateful to the community out of which we emerged, and of which we have been a part for a decade.

I personally have learned phenomenal things from friends and mentors like Jim Highsmith, Bob Martin, Alistair Cockburn, Jeff Sutherland and Diana Larsen. Meeting even once a year with Julie Chickering, Brandon Carlson, David Hussman, Mark Kilby and Esther Derby is a privilege and a pleasure.  Alex Kanaan and Deema Dajani are a power couple that everyone at the conference should meet.

There have been some sad partings along the way: the universe has separated us from dear friend Jean Tabaka.

Agile companies have been launched, and have morphed into different forms.  Agile Zen was absorbed into RallyDev which was absorbed into CA.  Big Visible was acquired by SolutionsIQ, which in turn was acquired by Accenture.  Robert Holler, Giora Morein, Charlie and John R and Ryan Maartens are role models for us agile entrepreneurs.

New entrants are making waves: AgileCraft in the ALM space, Darren Hoevel; and our new friends from Retrium with their specialized retrospective tool. New friends are bringing new energy: Kim Brainard, Judy Zdanis Neher are rocking the agile space, for sure.

This year, our LitheSpeed presence will include:

  1. An executive breakfast on Tuesday, August 7th at 7:30 AM.  Please see us at our booth if you’re a Director, VP, ‘C’ level executive who wants to meet other executives and swap war stories.
  2. Bob Payne and George Dinwiddie speaking on Portfolio Visualization and  Prioritization for Business Agility,  August 9th at 2:00 PM.
  3. Pete Oliver-Krueger speaking on Double Aces – Positive Psychology Research that Solves Problems, August 8th at 3:45.
  4. The Agile from the Top podcast series hosted by Bob Payne, and live streamed from the conference.
  5. The LitheSpeed booth presence on the expo floor. Meet Cheryl Chamberlain, Stephanie Williams, Jason Hall, Bob Payne and me.

In the words of the old ABBA song, “like a roller in the ocean, life is motion, move on.”

The Agile movement keeps moving on.  See you in Orlando!

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