Diversity in thought leadership – The Missing element in sustainable organizational agility

Presented by Padmini Nidumolu at Lean+Agile DC 2019.

Agile and Lean principles place high-trust environments and growth mindsets as essential to organizational agility. High-trust environments require empowered and invested individuals, which requires recognition of the diversity — and lack thereof — without our existing individuals, especially at the leadership level. And how can we bring diverse perspectives and other less represented views into the transformation spaces for more sustainable results? Based on research and statistics, diversity has a profound ROI in business outcomes. Lean In Agile (LIA) is a movement for women, by women and of women designed to amplify the voices, talents and experiences of women within the Lean and Agile communities across the globe. “House of LIA” is based on 4 pillars – Spirals, HERstory, Library and LIA NextGen.