DevOps for Leadership

Presented by Jeff Payne and Gene Gotimer at Lean+Agile DC 2019.

To survive in today’s market, organizations need to deliver higher quality, more secure software than ever before, and they need to do it faster. Today’s leaders need to understand what DevOps is all about and how to implement it across the enterprise to remain competitive, react to changing conditions, and facilitate growth. This interactive workshop will explain what DevOps is and isn’t, what benefits we should expect adopting it, and what we need to do to adjust to a DevOps mindset. We’ll look at our current delivery processes and discuss how we can deliver higher quality, more secure software, and how we can do it faster, more reliably, and have more confidence in the result. We will focus on the culture and process, only touching on the tools that enable us to work better. It is not a technical deep dive. This workshop is designed for executives and leaders, managers, project managers, and team leads to help them prepare for for successful DevOps transformation and leadership.