I checked out the DC Startup & Tech Expo last week.  As an Agile coach, it is fun to chat with the Startup crowd – passionate and determined people pumping out ideas and revisiting the core of Agile (whether they know it or not): getting ideas to market at speed, testing them and realizing value.

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In the beginning there was Tea. Tea was good until it wasn’t enough. Then came Coffee and now allegiance’s are drawn. But with Javazen you can apparently have your coffee and drink your tea too.  Its good but I still can’t describe it, Looks like coffee but doesn’t smell like it. Try it yourself and see. Proper fuel for Agile2017 indeed.

The DCest of DC Startups was definitely PeaceTech Lab, where dreams go to become puppies and unicorns and born again as dreaming puppies and unicorns. Kidding aside, they’re an incubator for startups whose core mission centers around saving lives or preventing violence (and what do YOU do?). Tim Receveur, Director of Peacetech Exchanges even shared a story of how they helped stabilize one startup in South Sudan who had their computer equipment stolen about every 3 months, move to the cloud.  Cool indeed.  The energy and passion they exuded was certainly palpable.

Remember the feeling you had when you stepped out of your first uber without “paying” and casually went about your business? That’s what Rooam does to the bar scene, allowing you close your tab right from your phone and walk out.  No more flagging down a busy bartender on a Friday night so you can escape with whatever shred of dignity you have left. Just click and bounce!

Gocanvas development-free approach to mobilizing your forms will enthrall and enchant. Meanwhile, major kudos on the cleanest looking sign.

There were quite a few mobile app developers present but Mindgrub stood out (and not just for their Minecraft-like sign) by the educator-driven approach to design and engineering. These were just a handful of the notable startups present. Overall it was definitely a solid night of DC up-and-coming tech scene awareness and an instant “must-attend event” for future happenings.  We’ll see you there in 2018.




Startup News!! A new development is underway at LitheSpeed.  We are soon to open an Incubator/Accelerator for DC Startups in our Herndon HQ.  Contact us to apply or stay in the loop.