August’s DC Lean+Agile Meetup featured George Lively and Raj Indugula as they demystified Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and Test Driven Development (TDD). Hint: it’s not all about testing or tools. Instead, it’s about whole team collaboration, a commitment to quality, and good design principles.

Listen to Raj & George discuss how these practices help agile teams develop better software products and delight customers.

Useful references on this topic:

Blogs and Docs

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Cucumber.io – Gherkin Reference


QASymphony – Behavior Driven Development vs. Traditional Development
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Extreme Programming Explained – Kent Beck
BDD in Action – John Ferguson Smart
TDD: A Practical Guide – Dave Astels
Agile Testing – Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory
The Cucumber for Java Book – Matt Wynne and Aslak Hellesoy
Test-Driven Development for Embedded C – James W Grenning


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