At the dawn of our 9th anniversary as a boutique Agile consultancy, our team did some reflecting on how we got to where we are today.

LitheSpeed was born out of a need to support individuals and organizations in creating a work place that supports meaningful contribution, both of the individual to the company and from the company to the individual.

In order to be effective change agents, LitheSpeeders lead from a place of authenticity. Here are some of the ways we strive to live out our goal of delivering real value at work and in the community.

  • Start with a broad knowledge base. The more we can be subject matter experts in our day to day work, the more we will feel fulfilled and will deliver value. Within Agile, one of the core values is to develop cross-functional teams. Well rounded individuals will have more to contribute and will facilitate change not only at their work stations, but in the community as well.
  • Practice Non-Attachment. When we started LitheSpeed, it was clear that there was some tension building up between the various groups within the Agile community. We chose to see value in the different approaches and build something greater than ourselves by leveraging the best of each offering. This allowed us a freedom to respond to the need at hand without being rigid in our delivery.
  • Do Unto Others. All of us have had stories of that boss who pushed our buttons and co-workers who sapped energy rather than adding value to the team or project. At LitheSpeed, we seek to live out a holistic vision, in which our work and our play are not separate. We have fun while we tackle big challenges and look for what works rather than pitching a tent in dysfunction. Treating the company’s resources as if they are our own gives us a sense of ownership in our overall success.


If you want to learn more about supporting your organization in an agile journey, we would love to speak with you!  Contact us at to rev up your transformation.

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