Play is key to learning. It provides an enjoyable, low consequence environment to try out new ideas and explore new modes of interaction. If you’ve ever played Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples, you will love Cards for Agility. It’s a great way to get Agile teams to interact and learn through game play. It can also be used as a tool to generate a fun and interactive retrospective.

Download the instructions, questions and response cards here:



Cards for Agility Instructions


Cards for Agility – Play Instructions

Basic Rules:

  • Recommended team size = 5-9 Players
  • To begin the game, each player draws 10 white response cards
  • The person who most recently attended a training course begins as the Agility Wizard and plays the scenario card (yellow). The Agility Wizard reads the question or phrase on the yellow card out loud.
  • The Agility Wizard selects their favorite answer, which could be (True, Funny, Funny but True, Ironic and Sad (like a mullet), Funny and Sad, etc..)
  • Everyone else answers the question or fills in the blank by playing one white card, face down to the Agility Wizard. After a white card is played, everyone must draw another white card. Players must always have 10 cards in their hands
  • The Agility Wizard shuffles all of the cards and reads the yellow card again out loud. Then he/she reads white card each selection out loud. The Agility Wizard then chooses what he/she thinks is their favorite answer. The players then discuss why that was chosen. Whoever submitted the white card that was chose gets to keep the yellow card and gets one agility point.
  • The person to the right of the last Agility Wizard then becomes the new Agility Wizard and the rules are repeated

Pick 2:

Some of the scenario cards will have two blank spaces. To answer them, each player (excluding the Agility Wizard) selects TWO white cards and plays them in the order of the blank spaces. Remember, order does matter.

House Rules:

  • My Cards Suck – at any time, a player can trade in all of their white cards for a new set of white cards. This costs one yellow card and the player loses an agility point
  • Fill in the blank – some players may have blank cards and can write in responses on the fly
  • I don’t understand – at any point in time, players can discard white cards that they don’t understand. But, there is a price. That player must confess why he/she doesn’t understand to the group
  • If players are ready to end the game, the current Agility Wizard must make up a rap using most of the words on his/her white cards

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