It’s been a pleasure for me to get involved with the Agile Project Leadership Network (APLN) after a hiatus of a few years. Several APLN chapters are doing well, and growing quite bit. The Houston and Bay APLN Chapters in particular seem to have the “secret sauce” in this area.

Some years ago, the APLN was setup as a network of chapters where agile leaders could connect, engage and learn from each other, and from experts in various agile disciplines. This year the APLN Board is emphasizing enterprise agility with a focus on agile leadership; the new vision statement is: Accelerate Agility: Connect and Engage to Transform your Enterprise.
Here’s a Board update from co-presidents Jim Highsmith and Julie Chickering: Make sure you check it out at the APLN’s spanking new Ning site: Of course, no discussion about the APLN is complete without mentioning the Declaration of Interdependence.

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