Last month I blogged on Agile in Washington, DC, my hometown. Now, I’m pleased to announce another exciting conference, this one halfway around the world in distance, but very close in spirit: Agile India 2012.

I’ve been delivering training in India for the past two years and have presented at regional conferences and groups like Agile NCR and Agile Chennai. Now, it is quite exciting for me to be involved in a national conference in India next year. From the conference website, there are quite a few landmarks:
  1. This is the first Agile Alliance conference held outside of North America.
  2. This is slated to be the largest agile conference in Asia (okay, we’ll make sure there are small teams/groups/sessions/meetings).
  3. It represents a true collaboration between the Agile Software Community in India and the Agile Alliance.
Linda Cook from the Agile Alliance Board of Directors and I are co-producers of the Enterprise Agile stage at the conference.
Other cool things from a personal point of view:
  1. The conference location is the global hotspot Bengaluru (formerly known as Bangalore), where I grew up.
  2. I’m looking forward to working again with Naresh Jain, a Gordon Pask award winner and true pioneer in the agile world.
  3. The co-producer of the Agile Product Development stage shares my last name. Her name is Annu Augustine, and she’s doing a bang up job of organizing her stage, so please flood it with your submissions!
  4. The conference stages incorporate key areas of personal interest, including Lean Startup, Leadership and Organizational Transformation.
From your perpective, I think this conference is a great opportunity:
  1. If you live in India or other Asian countries, it will be an excellent opportunity to meet with other agile enthusiasts and spend quality time with them without long travel.
  2. If you live further away, you have enough time between now and February to plan your travel to India and double up with some tourism as well. You can choose to head north to visit the Taj Mahal, or stay in the South visiting Mysore, Kerala and other closer destinations.
  3. The agile movement in India is on the cusp of growth, and you can play a part in launching and growing it.
If you’re interested in presenting, please note that October 3rd is the early bird deadline.
See you in Begaluru in February? Any questions or comments, do share!