3 Reasons LitheSpeed loves AgileDC:

1️⃣ AgileDC is an Agile community organized event intended “to support the continued pursuit of knowledge within the Agile Community.”

2️⃣ AgileDC is a not-for-profit conference that generated donations of more than $40,000 across 9 charities in 2019.

3️⃣ LitheSpeed’s very own, Bob Payne, is the chair!


More about AgileDC:

AgileDC is the largest Agile community organized event in the Washington, DC metro area. For more than a decade, this one-day regional conference has brought together thought leaders and practitioners from government, not-for-profits, and private industry alike.

As a not-for-profit event, all post-expense revenue raised each year through sponsorships and registration has been distributed back to the community through non-profit agencies.  Organizations like The World Central Kitchen (https://wck.org/), founded by Jose Andres, embrace the values and principles the AgileDC Conference strives to support. We encourage our community to help fill in this year’s void through an individual contribution.


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LitheSpeed & AgileDC

LitheSpeed is a long time supporter of AgileDC, and @Sanjiv Augustine has had the honor of being the keynote speaker twice over the years.

LitheSpeed is excited to be a sponsor again this year.

We look forward to connecting with the Agile community in sessions and at our LitheSpeed booth. Visit us to learn more about LitheSpeed and to allow us to learn more about you and your Agile journey.


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Date: October 3, 2022

Time: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Location: Kellogg Conference Hotel: 800 Florida Ave NE, DC, 20002


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