Join the Agile Value Management Office (Agile VMO®) movement. Find your way home. 

“Agile coaches” spouting pop-psych mumbo-jumbo and fiddling with inane rituals and stances while your teams fail to deliver and your customers get increasingly dissatisfied?

Seeing scant results after investing heavily in endless agile training and coaching on ineffective, bloated “agile” methodologies?  

Traditionalist waterfall and command-and-control doomsayers coming out of the woodwork to exploit the situation?

Losing the results of agile done right along with the passion, excitement and momentum?

Take heart, there is another way.

The Agile VMO is a cross functional leadership team that manages the flow of work from end to end. It is a flexible organizational construct to lead from the “Gemba” in implementing lean portfolio management and enabling adaptive governance.

It’s anchored in the true foundations of lean and agile: an adaptive organization with the customer at the center, seamless end-to-end flow of value, respect for people and continuous improvement with a sufficient-to-purpose approach.

It’s endorsed by the venerable agile manifesto co-author Jim Highsmith, and by:


Find your way home and join intrepid leaders who have transitioned from Agile COEs, LACEs and PMOs to the Agile VMO to rapidly and continuously deliver true customer and organizational value.

Offered under the auspices of our esteemed @Agile Leadership Academy®, three new certifications jumpstart your transition to Agile VMOs: 

  • Certified Agile VMO Practitioner™️ (ALA-CVP™️),
  • Certified ALA Trainer™️ (ALA-CAT™️), and
  • Certified ALA Executive™️ (ALA-CAE™️).

Learn more and register here:

This is the way.