Are we leaving behind context and management in agile leadership? Tim Ottinger talks the two A’s of agile leadership: alignment of goals and accountability for why we make decisions.

Tim is committed to understanding and improving the art of software from the angle of “thinking for a living.” He is a programmer, author, trainer and globally recognized coach with over 35 years of real software development experience. His style is practical and hands-on, steeped in both Agile and classic traditions. Tim rapidly communicates concepts and practices, and is recognized for his compassionate and patient approach to working with individuals and has a sincere interest in helping people reach their goals.

Tim believes that he and his fellow employees at Industrial Logic can make the world of software development more humane, safe and intelligently productive. He has an infectious enthusiasm for learning and coding, a surprisingly fresh willingness to experiment and grow in new directions, and the experience to focus his energy for the good of a team, a product, and a company.

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