We sat down with Ahmed Sidky, Head of Development Management at Riot Games and President of ICAgile, to discuss how leadership in the workplace deals a lot with shared responsibility.

Ahmed Sidky, Ph.D, is a well-known thought-leader in the Agile community and is also known by many as Dr. Agile. Ahmed combines over seventeen years of software development experience, with research from his Ph.D. in Agile transformation and agility assessment to help leaders and knowledge workers achieve measurable and sustainable organizational agility by being Agile not just doing Agile.

Dr. Sidky helps guides enterprise agile transformations in Fortune 100 companies as well as small to medium companies, and educates people on the agile mindset and how to create lean, high performing, teams, starting from CEOs to junior developers in companies around the world such as: Verizon Wireless, Caterpillar, Nationwide Insurance, ConAgra, Cisco, Siemens, Blackboard, ITWorx, Riot Games, Oracle, Booz Allen Hamilton, Vodafone, and several agencies in the US Government.

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