Real-time guidance on estimation, planning, prioritization, measurement, problem solving, and common challenges.

Embedded Agile coaches can accelerate your adoption and reduce risk by helping standardize practices across teams and providing individual mentorship to POs, SMs and team members.

Based on your goals, our Agile coach will:

  • Mentor Product Owners, Agile Team Leads and ScrumMasters
  • Facilitate team kickoff and Agile onboarding
  • Coach Scrum ceremonies and creation of artifacts
  • Development and interpretation of team level metrics
  • Team level estimation, planning, and tracking
  • Address team understanding, support, and adoption
  • Discover and implement team-level process improvement
  • Facilitate the transition to Agile roles and responsibilities
  • Assist with Agile Engineering/DevOps rollout


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Coaching Services include:

Agile Process Coaching

Facilitate process discovery and design to optimize team function. Invest in your people by bringing on an Agile coach to co-facilitate meetings with new teams and instill Agile practices.

We make a point to “coach ourselves out of a job” by mentoring your ScrumMasters and Agile Team leads to build competency so they can take over and sustain the process long after we’re gone.

Methodology & Tool Support

Our coaches co-facilitate and document the Agile process with new teams to help establish and instill Agile practices.

Alongside your team, our methodology coaches help make tooling decisions and set up tools to facilitate Agile processes. They will also identify key metrics and set up dashboards and progress tracking charts.

Agile Engineering Coaching

Agile delivery depends on high quality, stable, and tested code to build superior products.

LitheSpeed engineering coaches help team implement Agile engineering practices and processes to improve product quality and reduce-time-to market.

This coach will assist with:

  • Building a Deployment Pipeline with multiple levels of feedback
  • Enabling fast and reliable automated testing
  • Instituting Continuous Integration discipline
  • Helping team members with evolutionary design, refactoring
  • Enabling Clean Code practices to keep the system flexible and responsive
  • Nurturing software craftsmanship within the team
  • Helping identify and minimizing technical debt for long-term internal quality
  • Designing meaningful Metrics and Measurements to drive change
Scaled Agile Framework training being given in a classroom.

We take a holistic approach, considering your people, processes, and products. LitheSpeed coaches help instill Agile practices across programs, build Agile competency among team members in all roles, and improve Agile engineering tools, skills and methods.

We’ve led and executed Agile transformations at organizations across a wide range of industries and Agile maturity. Throughout the entire process, our comprehensive approach will help transform your organization through your teams, enabling them to harness the full potential of Lean and Agile methods.

Most importantly, we’ll leave you with the tools and insight to sustain these changes on your own. We help build teams that can sustain themselves.

Bring a coach to your organization.