Agile Leadership Videos: Becoming an Agile Leader

Want to become an Agile Leader?
Watch these videos to become one.

Agile Leadership Videos: Becoming an Agile Leader

Lead Like the Great Conductors is a masterful Ted Talk on leadership by Itay Talgam. A bonus to watching this video is the beautiful music and the good laughs that Itay shares with the crowd.

“The naive intuition we have is
that people are like rats in a maze —
that all people care about is money,
and the moment we give them money,
we can direct them to work one way,
we can direct them to work another way.”

In this Ted Talk, behavioral economist, Dan Ariely, talks about how money isn’t the only motivation for working. He enlightens us to 2 experiments that show our unique attitudes to meaning in work.

Flexible seating in a classroom can improve the typical sedentary periods in a class by letting you move around and choose your seating throughout the day. In this video, flexible seating is proven to be a working method for a group of 5th graders at Poplar Tree Elementart School.

Imagine what would be possible if more organizations locked onto encouraging collaborative and lithe working cultures. In this video, Dave Coplin imagines this for us.

Dig into the scientific base for leadership development. In this video, Dr. Goleman highligths the positive impacts of performance, attitude, and motivation in leadership styles.

Want to see how a large-scale company can acheive ZERO Management? Morning Star, the largest tomato processing company in the world, has happy employee’s and an incredibly low turnover rate, while also maintaining a fast, and efficient work flow. They maintain freedom and responsibility with this original approach to working. Watch the video to see more.


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