Many people have stated that Agile methods are not appropriate for complex, risky or highly regulated environments.  However, agile methods have been successfully applied in a number of just such arenas.

Join us for Agile in Highly Regulated, Government and Life Critical Applications.

In this one-day workshop, we explore case studies from government, financial services and life critical applications where agility has been achieved while successfully integrating compliance and governance.  This is an interactive class where attendees will share real-world regulatory challenges that they are grappling with and we will discuss techniques, as a class, for how agile methods have been or could be successfully applied.

Professional Benefits

  • Gain strategic insights for how you can bring agility to your organization while maintaining compliance.
  • 8 PMI PDUs
  • 8 Scrum Alliance SEUs

Upcoming Classes

What you'll learn

  • Integrating Governance and Compliance with Agile Methods
  • Risk management
  • Agile in the ecosystem it can’t be just for build
  • Buyer/Vendor Roles and Responsibilities
  • Case Studies
    • Agile CMMI/Large Scale Rollout – Nationwide, CapOne
    • Highly Regulated/Life Critical – Westinghouse, Medtronic (indirect), Siemens Medical (Indirect
    • Scaling Agile in Government – Management Instruction USCIS



  • Intro
  • Goals and purposes of oversight
  • Case Studies
  • Participant Problem definition
  • Integrating compliance and risk management
  • Working Session
  • Read out
  • Ecosystem and roles and responsibilities
  • Working Session
  • Read out
  • Q&A

LitheSpeed Training Experience

  • Full color high-quality reference printouts
  • Digital copies of all training materials
  • Catered breakfast, lunch and snacks
  • Access to our free retrospective tool Sensei