Join DC Lean Enterprise for a free night of fun, snacks, drinks, chatter and epic Agile Games hosted by LitheSpeed’s expert coaches.

Agile Games Night is a time to share the latest fun ways to engage, educate and facilitate your teams and stakeholders to a higher state of agility.  The event is organized as an open space, so you can bring your own exercises and ideas to share and pick your own agenda once you arrive; we’ll have several games being demonstrated at once.  The coaches and trainers of LitheSpeed will bring our own latest and greatest games to show off as well.  Show up and show off or just lurk; we guarantee an entertaining and educational experience.

Thursday, October 20, 2016



·  Local beer and wine

·  Light appetizers and snacks

Example games:

·  Robotic Lion Portfolio Board Construction Kit from the Agile Leadership Academy

·  Cards for Agility 3.0

·  The Ultimate Dice Game 2.0, now with scaling!

·  A handful of micro-exercises to get the blood flowing when your audience is snoozing!

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