LitheSpeed recently had another successful Agile Games Night with the DC Lean Enterprise Meetup Group, which was a lot of fun and learning packed into two hours.  We set it up as an Open Space event, and this time, plenty of participants brought great games to add to our own crew’s mix, some of which were the most interesting of all. 

Some bon mots:

  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: 

One attendee brought a Gear VR rig, and we had one person wearing a headset and trying to defuse a bomb, while the rest of the table had scattered bits of information they had to quickly gather and transmit to the hapless victim.  Great communication game.

  • Build Your Own Experience:

We gathered several board games that have potential lessons in collaboration, communication, presentation, problem solving and more, and let participants see if they could extract lessons and modify the rules to be better learning experiences.  The games were La Boca (two people stack blocks to form a puzzle, using pictures that show different perspectives of the final solution), Gravity Maze (build a maze to transport a metal ball in a way that meets set rules), Kinetic Sand (just some sticky sand), Mad Science (build a monster to beat a monster) and Exploding Kittens (card game where kittens explode, ‘nuff said).  Lots of creativity in this session.

  • Lego Serious Play:

Our colleague Darren Hoevel, a certified Lego Serious Play instructor, walked us through some nice experiences using the legendary blocks in their teaching-about-business stance.

  • The Maze Runner:

This is a new one we invented where folks had a pen attached to a piece of cardboard, and using string around the edge of the cardboard, they had to work together to navigate a big, complex maze on a piece of poster paper.  Fun stuff, and lots of neat variations.


On the whole, this evening was a great chance to meet other creative minds and find new ways to engage and enlighten our teams and leaders in a fun, informal setting.  We’re greatly looking forward to next time; hope to see you there!  Keep an eye on the DC Lean Enterprise Meetup for the next event.


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