Agile Executive Orientation

In a fast paced half-day session, executive level leaders dive into core lean and Agile principles. Schedule an Agile Executive Orientation for your team to explore how to manage tricky cultural shifts and learn Agile best practices through exercises and case studies.

Sample Agenda

  • A Case for Change
  • The Agile Landscape
  • Lean & Agile Methods Explored
  • Common Adoption Challenges
  • An Executive Roadmap to Agility

What You'll Learn

Gain expert insight and powerful reasons to drive an Agile evolution
effort and learn how to:

  • Set up a lean and Agile transformation team:
    Establish a motivated team that will help manage and sustain the initiative.

  • Promote Lean thinking to empower teams:
    Empowered teams make decisions, self-organize, and solve problems, driving continuous improvement at all levels of the enterprise.

  • Establish goals and metrics:
    Visibility into a transformation’s progress helps drive decisions, support and adaptive planning.
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