Bob Payne joined the LitheSpeed Livestream on June 29th at 12pm ET.


About The Topic:

Richard Dawkins, an evolutionary biologist, and writer, popularized the term “meme” in his 1976 book “The Selfish Gene.” In the book, he used the term to describe cultural information that spreads from person to person, much like a virus, and evolves over time. Dawkins argued that memes, like genes, compete for attention and survival in the minds of individuals, and that the most successful memes will continue to spread and replicate. He used the concept of memes to explain how cultural ideas, such as jokes, tunes, and fashion, these ideas can persist and evolve over generations.

Agile methods have become the new Status Quo and real improvement will require moving beyond the current state and experimenting to drive continuous improvement.  In this workshop we will explore the memes that are present in the Agile community and how they have both driven adoption but also may be keeping new ideas out.  As we look to evolve our implementation of Agile methods going forward, we will not only have to overcome the ideas of the past but also harness the power of memes by creating new ones.


About Our Speaker:

Bob Payne is the LitheSpeed’s Senior Vice President of Agile Coaching and Training.

An early adopter of Extreme Programming, Scrum and SAFe, Bob Payne has worked exclusively as a Lean+Agile Transformation leader since 1999.  

Bob Payne hosts the Agile Toolkit podcast and has produced over 170 episodes, recording a variety of industry leaders and Agile practitioners. Bob’s consulting and training style is built on years of Lean+Agile experience, a MSEE in Computer Architectures for Artificial Intelligence and having grown up working in his family’s restaurant, so you can expect a blend of technical excellence and customer service.

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