Ron Jeffries is an Agile Manifesto author and the co-creator of the popular eXtreme Programming or XP methodology.  For decades, Ron has been a vocal proponent of disciplined practices for quality code.

Ron evolved XP on the now-famous Chrysler C3 project in the mid-1990s, along with Kent Beck and Ward Cunningham. They proved out extreme software development discipline with engineering techniques like TDD, refactoring, automated build and test, and pair programming.

In the early 2000s, Ron’s book, eXtreme Programming Installed provided early adopters of agile methods with incredibly valuable and practical advice.  Along with Chet Hendrickson, Ron has continued to be a strong advocate for XP and disciplined software development.

Ron has a special place in my own agile journey. He trained the very first XP team that I ended up managing.  Ron also trained my colleague Bob Payne, who then became my own agile coach.

Some might remember Ron’s website that he has since transitioned to Ron generously and openly provided agile advice on that site and helped hundreds of us launch successful agile adoptions.

Today, Ron remains the uber-mentor of XP, and continues to influence another generation of agile adopters.

Keep going Ron!

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