Jim Benson is a pioneer of knowledge work and creator of Personal Kanban.

He is also a public speaker, consultant, and author who is an expert in effectiveness for individuals, teams, and organizations.

After three decades as a business owner, team leader, and employee in both commercial and government agencies, Jim Benson has shifted his focus to helping people and teams work out sticky  problems.

Jim Benson founded Modus Cooperandi in 2007, a management consultancy which uses Lean, systems thinking, agile management, and brain science to help their clients communicate and manage their work by building collaborative management systems.

Jim Benson is also the founding partner of the Modus Institute and co-author of “Personal Kanban: Mapping Work | Navigating Life” which won the Shingo Research Award in 2013.

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In each episode of Agile Caravanserai, we meet someone who has been an inspiration to me in my own agile journey. They will range from seasoned Agile Manifesto signatories to passionate young agilists, to captains of industry. We’ll meet these people who have the practical and humanistic essence of agile deep in their veins and in their hearts.

These difficult times have also forced us each one to examine our own lives more closely. Even in the middle of individual separation and isolation, many are finding meaning and purpose through community and connection.

Millions are turning lessons from the pandemic into an opportunity to rethink their lives, reinvent themselves and to help others in dire need.

Caravanserais provided rest, recovery and community for travelers along the Silk Road. Similarly, we hope that our episodes will provide rest, inspiration and hope. We hope each episode will remind us of our shared agile values, and thus bring us closer together.