James Grenning is an Agile Manifesto author and a true software development guru. James’ contributions to agile methods are wide ranging, especially in the all-important space of embedded systems.

James has designed complex embedded applications ranging from weather radar displays and aircraft control tower displays to distributed automatic testing systems and high-speed cut-sheet printing and communications systems.

He also works behind the scenes on many top-secret projects.

I first met James two decades ago at one of the first XP Universe conferences, and we have remained fast friends since then.

James has inspired me with his no-nonsense, dedicated style to agile software development.

Few will know that James in the person who invented the popular Planning Poker estimation technique. Some years ago, when a planning meeting stalled, James had all the participants write their estimates secretly on a note card, then reveal them simultaneously.  That moment has led to more fun, productive, and accurate planning sessions for Agile teams.

Today, James continues to assist agile teams worldwide through his company Wingman Software.

From coaching teams on how to use agile for embedded software development to assisting their management with design and estimation, James continues to pioneer better ways to develop software.

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