Arie van Bennekum is one of the 17 Agile Manifesto authors, and the one with the unique distinction of not being from North America.

When the manifesto was written, Arie was there representing the UK-based DSDM Consortium. DSDM or the Dynamic Systems Development Method is one of the agile methodologies, and was developed in the early 1990s by a consortium of expert and industry representatives from companies like British Airways, American Express, Oracle and Logica.

Arie himself had been working consciously in a different way in 1994, and wanted to change bureaucracy and improve on business value.

Arie prides himself on pragmatism in structure, discipline and common sense, from his very early days in health care and the military forces, and up to where he is today.

Arie also has a strong message when it comes to personal change. In his book, “You Are The Architect Of Your Own Life,” Arie advocates for overcoming resistance by understanding that change starts with one person. So, his message is to take responsibility and do it yourself, because you cannot change someone else.

Today, Arie consults globally and helps his clients deliver business value with his eminently practical approach.

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