New to agile, want to fine tune your process, or want to share your expertise? The LiveAid Lab will be facilitating 1-on-1 sessions between people with questions and experts in the field who know how to put agile theory into practice. You can:

1. Become a 1-on-1 Mentor:

Sign up at the Live Aid Stage to provide consulting during the conference or email: sanjiv DOT scrum AT gmail DOT com, prior to the conference. We need all disciplines from agile teams as mentors. Now is the time to share your expertise and meet new people in the process.

2. Consult with a One on One Mentor:

Sign up at the Live Aid Stage to request consulting during the conference or email sanjiv DOT scrum AT gmail DOT com prior to the conference. No question is too easy or difficult for these 1-on-1 sessions. Each mentor will work with you on the topic of your choice and may show you live examples from the Mano a Mano project being developed during the conference.

During the conference, simply stop by the LiveAid area to sign up to give or receive consulting.


Potential Topics: Estimation and Planning, Managing Agile Teams, Story Card Writing, Project Walls, Test Driven Development, Kicking off Agile Projects, Agile Portfolio Management, Setting up Team Rooms, Running an Iteration, Agile Usability and Architecture, Agile Team Roles, Paired Programming, Continuous Integration, Testing and QA on Agile Teams, Automated Acceptance Testing, and Organizational Transformation.

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