Agile often starts as an “IT thing” that development teams do to improve software development and quality. But in many cases, the business side is still, more waterfall and traditional in its approach to funding, approvals, and requirements. In this webinar, we will hear an experience report from Roland Cuellar on how we have accelerated business-side agility by: -Re- organizing from functional silos to Product-Based Value-Stream Teams -Redesigning the business requirements process to achieve a continuous flow of MMPs into the teams -Utilization of Big-Room-Planning techniques to create alignment across a wide set of stakeholders and dependencies -Design of a Product-Manager-to-Product-Owner fan-out concept to achieve omni-channel digital delivery -Design of a portfolio-level visualization system to track the flow of MMPs across multiple investments simultaneously The result is a 67% improvement on the business side velocity, combined with 15% cost reduction.