Topic: 3 Steps to Leap from Agile Teams to Business Agility


Today, top performing agile teams exist in organizations worldwide. However, they are hamstrung by
legacy bureaucratic management – the remnants of a waterfall phase gate governance approach.

True end-to-end, business agility requires a bimodal approach: continued care and feeding of agile
teams done in parallel with a systematic middle-management transformation.

Join Sanjiv Augustine to explore 3 steps that enable rapid value delivery, increase decision velocity,
enable portfolio prioritization, link strategy to execution and delink funding from projects:

1. Set up end to end Value Stream Teams

2. Set up an Agile Value Management Office (VMO)

3. Move from Yearly Budgeting to Fixed Funding

We’ll cover case studies of how this approach has unshackled agile teams and liberated managers to
deliver positive customer outcomes.

About Our Speaker: Sanjiv Augustine

Sanjiv Augustine is the Founder and CEO of LitheSpeed, LLC and the Agile Leadership Academy. Sanjiv is an
entrepreneur, industry-leading Agile and Lean expert, author, speaker, management consultant, and trainer.
With 30 years in the industry, Sanjiv has served as a trusted advisor to executives and management at leading
firms, including Capital One, The Capital Group, CNBC, Comcast, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, General Dynamics,
HCA Healthcare, Huntington Bank, The Motley Fool, National Geographic, Nationwide Insurance, Royal Bank of
Canada, Samsung, and Walmart.

Sanjiv is the host of the Agile Caravanserai podcast and the author of the books From PMO to VMO: Managing for Value Delivery, Managing Agile Projects, Scaling Agile: A Lean JumpStart, as well as several publications including, Transitioning to Agile Project Management, The Lean-Agile PMO: Using Lean Thinking to Accelerate Agile Project Delivery and Transformational Leadership for Business Agility.

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