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Trumped by the DIMWiTS!

Like the hook? How could I pass it up? Really.

Now that I have your attention, let me share with you 6 winning strategies (i.e. trump cards) I gleaned from the Training from the BACK of the Room workshop recently held at LitheSpeed. These tips and techniques will dramatically change how you approach instruction and help make your presentations and trainings come alive, while enhancing the learning and retention of your students.

Leveraging brain science, workshop creator Sharon Bowman provides the following principles to make training stick with learners, empowering us to be more effective trainers and presenters.

trump1trump6 trump5 trump4 trump3 trump2

And, thanks to Doc List, we have an acronym to help easily remember them – DIMWiTS!

Applying these principles will take some time and practice no doubt.  Tricia Broderick, our expert facilitator, exposed the group to a host of techniques that apply these principles to any learning environment: classroom, online, one on-one, small and large group instruction.  An innovative class and a stimulating experience, I’d highly recommend it for those looking for a new way to design and deliver instruction that truly makes the learning stick.

Here are some snaps from the Training from the Back of the Room workshop held Nov. 10-11 at LitheSpeed.



“Using Brain Science To Make Training Stick”, Sharon Bowman

“Training From the Back of the Room!: 65 Ways to Step Aside and Let Them Learn”, Sharon Bowman


Interested in joining this workshop or bringing a private workshop to your company?  Check out Training from the Back of the Room and contact us with any questions.

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