Peter Oliver-Krueger

Peter Oliver-Krueger

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I am an entrepreneur, Lean+Agile expert, speaker, management consultant, and trainer. I specialize in the psychology of product development, and my research over the past couple of decades has focused on scientifically-proven techniques grounded in Positive Psychology, collaborative growth, and cross-cultural exploration. It’s taught me that how I introduce Lean+Agile techniques into an organization can make more of an impact on success than which techniques I introduce.

Lean Startup

For much of the last decade I’ve zeroed in on new product development, working closely with startups
and enterprise organizations exploring and defining the question, “What should we build?” I
love working with businesses to teach them how to design customer interviews, usability tests, and
market tests, and it’s not just for startups anymore. When you’re ready to take your Agile practice
to the next level, I can show you how to navigate uncharted waters.


Before moving into management, I started my career as an engineer, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute. If you’ve ever planned a trip on the DC subway or bus lines, you’ve probably used my software. I’ve also designed and managed enterprise systems for the Pentagon, the FDA, NASA, TD Ameritrade, and many others. I’ve built computers, punched down landlines, built web pages, designed REST services, and written stored procedures. I can walk the walk and talk the language at every level within an organization, helping you deliver organizational change in the terms your team expects to hear.


As founder of the Lean Startup Academy Meetup, I help startups and established businesses design
and conduct field surveys, experiments, and experiences crafted to explore product/market fit. I’m
a speaker and mentor with Lean Startup in the Enterprise, the DC Lean Startup Circle, the Startup
Leadership Program, Lean Startup Machine, and the Conscious Venture Lab.



I am a Certified Scrum Product Owner and Certified ScrumMaster with the Scrum Alliance. I am also a SAFe Program Consultant through Scaled Agile.