Michael Ricciardelli

Managing Agile Consultant

Michael Ricciardelli

Managing Agile Consultant
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I’m a 29 year veteran of the Information Technology industry. I’ve been an Agile practitioner and product owner for 5 years and turned into an Agile coach. Why? Because I like to bring my program management experience to bear in helping companies transform their organizations.

I love the look on people’s faces when they start to “get it”. Especially the loudest naysayers who turn into cheerleaders after experiencing my transformative healing powers!

My experience spans building software supporting Internet Infrastructure, Ecommerce, Big Data, Health Insurance, Hospitality, Finance and Automotive industries. In a previous life, I was a Developer, Project Manager, Product/Program Manager, Account/Partner Manager, Customer Relationship Manager and Business Development person.  I posses both business and technical acumen.  I bring this unique perspective to implementing Agile.

I believe the “Book” of Agile provides the foundation. The “lived it” practitioner brings this information to life. I do this uniquely for each organization.  Let’s face it, Each company is unique. Each Agile implementation is unique.  My specialty is understanding each organization’s people and culture and creating a tailored Agile transformation path. I do this through training, coaching, mentoring and creating unique workshops tailored for that team. As a product owner, I worked for years developing high performing Agile teams.  It’s the soft skills that count!!


I’m a Certified Scrum Master, Product Owner and SAFe Agilist.