Join the 2016 Agile Leadership Academy™ cohort to grow into one of the world’s best Agile leaders.


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The Agile Leadership Academy™’s one-year long, experiential set of workshops and projects takes senior management and executives on a journey of personal growth and learning, giving them peer support, mentor insights, and practical tools to take their organizations to the next level of agility.

While the benefits of Agile methods have sparked a wave of fulfillment and collaboration on teams worldwide, now senior managers and executives hold the key to spreading Agile methods across silos and deep into the non-IT departments of their enterprises. With content and tools based on 15+ years of experience with enterprise Agile adoptions, landmark thought leadership and ideas curated from executive networks and summit events, the Agile Leadership Academy™ prepares executives to create, transform and lead Agile organizations.

Join the Agile Leadership Academy™ for:

*ALA Certified Graduate™ credentials after the completion of four workshops and corresponding projects
*Pre-event networking receptions
*Site visits to leading Agile organizations
*Free access to Lean+Agile DC & Agile DC Executive Summit conferences
*Collaborative learning with experts and peers

Lean & Agile methods deliver faster results, higher quality, and more innovation, but it takes leadership to realize these sorts of results across an organization.

“The position of leadership in agile transformations has too long been ignored; it’s a tough job, and much easier to learn, connect and grow with support from both experts and peers,” said Sanjiv Augustine, Agile Leadership Academy™ Founder and Ambassador. Agile Leadership Academy™ Ambassadors are a global representation of industry leaders who have transformed lives and organizations with Agile methods.

The Agile Leadership Academy™ is a one-year program launching on June 13, 2016; Join the 2016 cohort for four quarterly one-day sessions:
*Foundations of Lean & Agile Leadership (June 2016)
*Scaling Agility (September 2016)
*Lean Product Management & Design (December 2016)
*Business Agility (March 2017)

To register for the 2016 cohort, please visit: