Have questions on the leadership role in an agile transformation?

Watch this playlist to hear Sanjiv’s Augustine’s answers to common questions about scaling agile from an executive perspective.

  • How does a leader spark an agile transformation?
    • Change has to start somewhere.
    • Even in a constrained part of the organization, create a foundation for change.
    • Transformation can take years, but it always starts with an individual leader
  • What do executives need to know about scaling? 
    • Take a pragmatic approach and don’t get tied to any tool, framework, process or method
    • Go back to the basics
    • Understand the strengths of your organization and adopt practices that amplify those strengths
    • Learn foundational Lean principles (manage work in process and flow)
    • Assess which elements to use from which framework
  • How should executives approach scaling agile?
    • Figure out your role as a leader and understand how to enable the chosen scaling approach
    • Learn LitheSpeed’s three steps of Agile transformation: Assess, Align, Accelerate
      • Assess: Benchmarking – an unbiased and accurate assessment
      • Align: Get the organization ready to undertake a transformation
      • Accelerate: Clearly lay out a vision, train to build capabilities
  • How do I get others on board?
    • Prepare your team
    • Make sure the vision is clear and your team understands and appreciates the goal
  • What is unique about the ALA Scaling Agility workshop?
    • Peer feedback in a trusting environment of executives and mentors
    • Expert guidance to distinguish between the different scaling methods
    • Exposure to foundational lean principles

Join Sanjiv and the Agile Leadership Academy team September 12-13 for the ALA Scaling Agility workshop.  Register at agileleadershipacademy.com.