Rapid Agile Assessment

Let's see how you're doing.

What to expect

When we perform a Rapid Agile Assessment, we provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of Lean and Agile adoption across people, processes, and products in your organization. Our consultants create a focused plan to improve principles and practices with guidance to ensure early success and avoidance of major pitfalls.

We’ll identify your organization’s current strengths and constraints and prepare an assessment scorecard with short-term opportunities and strategic options for the future. Our recommendations leverage a blend of proven Lean and Agile governance, project management methods, and engineering principles and practices.

Key Deliverables

Assessment Scorecard

An easy-to-understand scorecard highlighting your company’s readiness to adopt agile methods. It includes an overview of your current state of agility and expected impacts (positive and otherwise) of adoption.

Improvement Plan:

A set of personalized recommendations around short-term opportunities and strategic options informed by the results of the Assessment.  Typically includes: 

  • Workspace Recommendations
  • Agile Transition Team Setup and Process Improvements
  • Engineering and Automation recommendations
  • Agile Project Management Tools
  • Project Portfolio Tracking

LitheSpeed Agile Enterprise Path