New to Agile


We were all new to Agile at one point, though for some of us that was almost two decades ago.  If you’re tired of asking what it is or keep hearing buzzwords that you’d like to turn into real words, we have plenty of people who can explain.

Know nothing?  Know some basics? Just want to achieve a certification?  Want to introduce agile to your team?


  • Let one of our expert agile coaches work directly with you and your team to get you going down the right path.  You will make more progress and make it faster by working directly with an expert.
  • Look into a team workshop to introduce your team to the fundamentals
  • Schedule a private executive orientation for your leadership team.
  • Explore SAFe for Teams training
  • Give your whole organization a lean-agile basics orientation
  • Schedule an Agile 101 workshop for your team

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Excited about DevOps?

You need test automation, CI, and are ready to embrace the enabling practices of DevOps.

Ready to Scale?

You have a large initiative and have perhaps some existing pockets of agile and now you need to scale up.

Struggling with Agile?

You have tried or are trying agile and having issues and are not sure your teams are executing agile as well as they should be.

In a Highly Regulated Environment?

Do you operate in highly regulated environments such as government, nuclear power, or financial services?


Craving Innovation?

You’re looking for the next set of new ideas and we love enabling innovation.

An Executive Ready for Agile Transformation?

You’ve got the agile spark- we’ll help it take hold.

Looking for Business-side Support and Agile Outside IT?

Do your product owners and analysts struggle with planning releases, developing good stories?

Are you in the Federal Space?

You need training and transformation within federal guidelines.

We take a holistic approach, considering your people, processes, and products. LitheSpeed coaches help instill Agile practices across programs, build Agile competency among team members in all roles, and improve Agile engineering tools, skills and methods.

We’ve led and executed Agile transformations at organizations across a wide range of industries and Agile maturity.  Throughout the entire process, our comprehensive approach will help transform your organization through your teams, enabling them to harness the full potential of Lean and Agile methods.  

Most importantly, we’ll leave you with the tools and insight to sustain these changes on your own.  We help build teams that can sustain themselves.

Still not sure where to start?  Contact us to chat.