As agile methods evolve and agile adoptions mature, the need to grow leaders to nurture and shepherd them has become critical.   Based on 15+ years of experience with enterprise agile adoptions, landmark thought leadership and learning from our Executive Summit networks, our team has created the program behind the Agile Leadership Academy™.

We’re pleased to announce the inaugural session of the Agile Leadership Academy™, launching on October 08, 2015, and featuring:

  1. Four(4), quarterly 1-day sessions:
    1. Foundations of Lean and Agile Leadership (October 08, 2015)
    2. Scaling Agility
    3. Lean Product Management and Design
    4. Agile Engineering and DevOps
  2. Access to the Lean+Agile DC conference (in Spring) and the Agile DC Summit (in Fall)
  3. Site visits to leading agile organizations
  4. An elite group of peers on a shared journey of learning, discovery and self-development
  5. Open Space discussions with experts and peers
  6. Basis for the Certified Agile Executive™ accreditation

Register your agile leaders now at: