Agile + Digital Transformation


An unbiased overview of the current state of Lean and Agile adoption across people, processes, and products in your organization.

Rapid Agile Assessment

A comprehensive overview of the current state of Lean and Agile adoption in your organization.

SAFe Assessment

Scaled Agile Framework® Program Consultants will perform a program assessment from the SAFe® point of view.

SAFe Gold Partner

Hear Bob discuss LitheSpeed’s federal initiatives.

DevOps Technology Assessment

We’ll help you map our your tools, pipeline and the current state of DevOps in your organization.

Hear Michael discuss LitheSpeed’s DevOps initiatives.


Custom training and coaching to get all team members and stakeholders aligned in process and cultural change.

Transformation Roadmap

Take a look at some sample paths on our Transformation Roadmap.

Scaling Agile

Craft a custom approach to scale lean and agile from teams to the enterprise.

Hear Roland discuss Scaling and Transformation with LitheSpeed.

Agile Project Portfolio Management

Start with an agile orientation for teams, leadership or the whole organization.

Agile for Business Units

Enable all departments with Agile outside of IT.

Hear Arlen discuss Business Agility with LitheSpeed.

Agile Team Coaching

 Agile process coaching, engineering coaching, and methodology and tool support.


Keep your teams on a path of continuous improvement with specialized workshops and lean innovation.    

Lean Product Discovery

Lean innovation: tools, processes, technology and culture to make your ideas real.

Agile Leadership Academy

Your executive team’s journey to leadership agility.

Hear Sanjiv discuss Leadership Development with LitheSpeed.

Agile Consulting

Custom training or consulting for the topic you need covered – DevOps, Agile for Marketing, Testing, Innovation…