Agile + Digital Transformation

What is It? 

The transformation of the experiences of your customers, employees, suppliers, partners and stakeholders.

What Does it Involve? 

Transformational leadership, innovation and new business models, and digitization of assets through an increased use of technology across the enterprise.


Uncover what matters to your customers so you can build the right thing.

Design Thinking & Design Sprints

Lean Product Discovery

Lean innovation: tools, processes, technology and culture to make your ideas real.

Lean Startup® for the Enterprise


Now that you understand the customer, unleash individual teams to deliver quickly using Lean, Scrum, Kanban, Devops, and coaching. Quickly deliver MVPs into production to solve immediate needs and quickly capture value.

Agile for Business Units

Enable all departments with Agile outside of IT.

Hear Arlen discuss Business Agility with LitheSpeed.

Team-Based Scrum & Kanban

DevOps Engineering

Agile Team Coaching

 Agile process coaching, engineering coaching, and methodology and tool support.


Expand your agile capabilities to enterprise scale with process scaling, improved portfolio management, and an organizational change program.   

Agile Leadership Academy

Your executive team’s journey to leadership agility.

Hear Sanjiv discuss Leadership Development with LitheSpeed.

Scaling Agile

Craft a custom approach to scale lean and agile from teams to the enterprise.

Hear Roland discuss Scaling and Transformation with LitheSpeed.

Agile Project Portfolio Management

Start with an agile orientation for teams, leadership or the whole organization.


Discover the Scaled Agile Framework®

Transformation Roadmap

Take a look at some sample paths on our Transformation Roadmap.