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Discounts and Discount Codes

Click Here to Fill out our Discount Request Form

Apply for a discount by filling out this form or contacting info@lithespeed.com before you register for a course. When we form, we will verify the information and send you a discount code shortly, usually within 24 hours.

We offer a limited number of hardship and individual discounts on a first come first served basis.

LitheSpeed grants discounts to groups of three or more students, PMI members, and the long-term unemployed. Discounts are not cumulative; only one discount will be granted per person. Discounts are not applied retroactively.  Discounts are granted at the sole discretion of LitheSpeed on a per course basis and can be denied for any reason.

  • Group discount (20% for 3-4, 25% for 5-6, 30% for 7-9, 35% for 10+) – For multiple attendees from one organization
  • Hardship discount (40%) – If you’ve been unemployed for at least two months.
  • Military discount (30%)
  • Student discount (25%) -requires current, valid ID from accredited training institution
  • Individual discount (20%) – If you’re paying without monetary support from your company.
  • Business Agility Institute, PMI or APLN membership discount (15%) – For members of these organizations.
  • LitheSpeed Alumni Discount (20%)
Click Here to Fill out our Discount Request Form

If you qualify for one the discounts listed above, please request the discount by filling out this Discount Request Form.

**The above discounts only apply to the standard base price for any class. If these discounts are requested during the early bird period for any class, the early bird discount will not apply.

**Training discounts which have been won can only be applied to the standard base price for any class.

**The terms, conditions and pricing specified in this section are for training sessions offered by LitheSpeed in the United States. We offer also sessions with partners, including Xebia in Amsterdam and Softkey in South Florida. Pricing and discount rules vary for these partner events. When you choose a partner event you will be transferred to their site where more information is available.

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