Custom Workshops

Agile Executive Orientation

In a fast paced half-day session, executive level leaders dive into core lean and Agile principles. Schedule an Agile Executive Orientation for your team to explore how to manage tricky cultural shifts and learn Agile best practices through exercises and case studies.

Lean-Agile Organizational Introduction

Designed for an organization prepping for Agile adoption, the Lean-Agile Organizational Introduction will energize the whole group.  This course provides an introduction for the whole organization and sets the baseline for a shared understanding of Agile.

Agile Team Workshop

This workshop provides you and your colleagues across all disciplines with experience dealing with complex issues facing Agile teams today so that you can work across role and function to speed time to market while increasing quality. 

Agile Testing

The goal of the 2-day Agile Testing session is immersion into the guiding principles and enabling practices of testing in an agile environment, and to reinforce the idea that Agile testing encompasses a shift in mindset and culture.

  • Dig deeper into Agile engineering practices
  • Learn how to tackle any development challenge
  • Gain tools to produce reliable, robust and verifiable software

Agile Requirements

In the Agile Team Workshop, your team gains a shared understanding of an Agile requirements model, starting with a vision and progressing all the way down to acceptance tests and testable examples.