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Continuous learning and improvement are key to your success as an agile practitioner. That means your learning shouldn’t start or end with Scrum certification, agile team coaching, or any of our other offerings. To reduce your time spent seeking resources and increase your time spent actually learning, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite books, blogs, and articles.

Scaling Agile: A Lean JumpStart Managing Agile Projects

Blogs & Podcasts

  • Agile Toolkit Podcast by Bob Payne, featuring over a hundred interviews with Agile experts and practitioners it is the premier podcast for the Agile community.
  • Adaptive Path: A blog by one of the first design firms focused on user experience.
  • Agile Advice: A multi-author blog headed up by Mishkin Berteig that covers Scrum, Extreme Programming, Lean Software Development, OpenAgile, and other topics related to teams and management.
  • Agile CMMI: A starting point for a discussion on marrying Agile methods and CMMI, written by Hillel Glazer.
  • Agile Product Design by blog by Jeff Patton, an agile coach dedicated to the holistic design and development of successful software products.
  • Agile Management Blog by David Anderson, a thought leader in managing effective technology development and author of Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change For Your Technology Business.
  • Alistair Cockburn’s blog
  • All About Agile by Kelly Waters is a blog that covers all aspects of agile development and agile project management using agile software development methods such as Scrum, Extreme Programming and Lean development.
  • Confused of Calcutta by JP Rangaswami
  • The Cutter Blog: a multi-author blog, a platform where Cutter’s senior consultants and fellows present their opinions on and reactions to what’s happening in business technology.
  • George Dinwiddie’s Blog: George, a network partner of ours, specializes in helping teams become more effective while helping them accomplish their current project. His blog is about all things agile.
  • Implementing Scrum Blog: Michael Vizdos’s blog is mainly focused on Scrum. He’s a Certified Scrum Trainer and Certified Scrum Practitioner (Coach, Mentor, Consultant) who trains new Certified ScrumMasters (CSM) all around the world.
  • Leading Answers: A blog by Mike Griffiths where he shares ideas on leadership and agile project management and engages in conversations on these topics.
  • Managing Product Development: A management-focused blog by Johanna Rothman for people who want to think about how they manage people, projects, and risk.
  • Scrum Alliance Community Webinars: A live, interactive webinar hosted by industry experts on a wide array of topics.
  • This is Product Management: A podcast that brings some of the brightest minds in product management hosted by Mike Fishbein.
  • Visual Management by Xavier Quesada Allue
  • Illustrated Agile: A blog by Len Lagestee, Manager of Project Management and Methodology at, which has undertaken a major organizational transformation. In the blog, he documents highlights of the journey toward agility and shares his thoughts on Agile, Scrum, and Leadership. Neat sketches included!

Articles & Presentations

Agile 2017: Transformative Leadership – Sanjiv Augustine
5Qs on Agile (opinions by many prominent Agile industry veterans)
Agile Tool Evaluator Guide by VersionOne
Transitioning to Agile Project Management by Sanjiv Augustine
Agile Project Management: Steering from the Edges by Sanjiv Augustine
Getting Started with Agile Delivery by Sanjiv Augustine
One Page Introduction to Agile by Sanjiv Augustine
So, How’s that Agile Initiative Doing? by Sanjiv Augustine
The Lean-Agile PMO: Using Lean-Thinking to Accelerate Agile Delivery by Sanjiv Augustine and Roland Cuellar
The New Methodology by Martin Fowler
How Agile Is Transforming the Way Business Is Done – Society for Human Resource Management


Many of the books we recommend cover a variety of topics, however we figured it would be easiest to categorize them into topics for easier browsing.

Product and Project Management

Agile Development

Continuous Team Improvement


Managers & Executives