Agile Leadership Academy CAL I

A groundbreaking experience, crafted exclusively for Agile Executives.

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Scrum Alliance CAL I from the Agile Leadership Academy

Launching an Agile Transformation

The Agile Leadership Academy’s 6-month, experiential set of workshops and projects takes senior management on a journey of personal growth and learning, providing support and tools to take organizations to the next level of agility.  The ALA’s unique mix of personal and professional growth benefits both leaders and their organizations.

This two-day session is focused on leadership in the Agile organization, supporting leaders in a shift from directive approaches to ones that enable autonomy, mastery and purpose within the ranks of their employees.  Participants assess the current state of agility within their organizations and discuss the unique requirements of the agile leader’s role to grow, nurture and scale agile methods.

During the workshop, agile leaders review different scaling frameworks and learn to break down barriers to enterprise agility and develop short-term plans to drive better application of the agile mindset and techniques. To this end, the workshop studies three key leadership factors: people operations, self-management and personal presence. 

Dive into case studies in an intense enterprise-focused exploration of Lean & Agile methods.  Craft your Agile leadership strategy alongside other executives to deliver faster results, higher quality, and unparalleled innovation throughout your company.  

Who should attend?

You will benefit from Agile Leadership Academy training if you are:

  • An executive, middle management, or other leader with organizational influence;
  • A leader who supports, leads, or interacts with Agile teams;
  • A leader sponsoring, requesting, or involved with an Agile adoption within your organization. 
  • Looking for an accessible way to learn about Agile and lead your organization to true agility.
  • Seeking to be challenged with a peer group of like-minded leaders
  • Looking to personally transform yourself into an Agile leader as you change your organization

What you'll learn:

  • The Case for and Current State of Agility
  • Leadership in an Agile Context
  • Components of the Agile Organization
  • Change management in an Agile environment
  • Facets of Agile leadership competency and maturity
  • The case for and against scaling agile teams and organizations
  • Key factors in choosing a scaling method
  • How to drive the environment and infrastructure necessary to support agility at scale
  • Your role as a leader when scaling
  • How to measure and report on agile programs and portfolios
  • How to budget and fund properly in an agile environment

You will gain hands-on experience in:

  • Identifying opportunities and gaps in your current Agile adoption
  • Clearly defining your role as a leader in an Agile organization
  • Developing a plan to “steer from the edges” and enable team self-organization
  • Creating concrete steps to improve your personal and organizational agility over the next quarter
  • Designing an Agile Portfolio Board
  • Building dynamic Agile teams supported by a collaborative climate
  • Forecasting and budgeting for Agile projects
  • Choosing a scaling framework or custom approach for your organization based on self-assessment

You will have the experience to:

  • Operate effectively amid uncertainty, complexity and rapid change
  • Find creative solutions through increased self-awareness, a growth mindset and team engagement
  • Develop short-term plans to drive better application of the agile mindset and techniques
  • Confidently launch a plan to scale Agile methods within your organization
  • Build highly engaged teams across distributed environments
  • Launch an Agile PMO which can map dependencies across silos