Agile for Business

Customized Agile consulting for every department

What to expect

Using lean principles, we help tune your organization’s critical functions: from leadership to team dynamics, and operations to portfolio management.  Through training, coaching and consulting, we strategize with you to transform your culture and enable your people, so agility is sustained long after we’re gone.  

Check out the recent workshops we’ve facilitated:

  • The Agile Organization: Applying Agility to Business at Large
  • Lightning Games for Invigorating Coaching
  • Agility & HR: The Next Level
  • Lean Discovery Tools for Prioritization – Impact Maps, Story Maps, Customer Journey, Business Model Canvas
  • Value Teams – Moving beyond the myth of the solo Product Owner Myth
  • #NoProjects – Moving toward an Outcome Centered management model

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Agile for Marketing

Determine where your marketing department wants to go, then form and launch the teams, tools and change management strategy to lead you there.

Agile for Business Operations

Learn how to budget, report and manage portfolios and programs in an Agile fashion to continuously improve internal communication and data output to your customers and stakeholders.

Agile for HR

coach1Your HR team can adopt Agile methods to respond fast to changing requirements.  Inspect and adapt your current practices to better fit your organization’s HR needs while motivating and empowering your team.

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