Advanced ScrumMaster: A Coach’s Toolkit

Explore your real-world goals and challenges with some of the world’s best agile coaches.

Being an Agile coach can be tough in the face of personal and organizational dysfunctions, resistance to change and just plain apathy.  Effective coaches learn to employ a broad spectrum of tools to address everything from guiding process improvements, facilitating meetings, presenting convincing arguments, and dealing with personal and team dynamics. You are expected to be a servant leader to create highly effective teams and deliver value.

Advanced ScrumMaster: A Coach’s Toolkit gives you a practical set of tools, feedback on your communication and facilitation skills and techniques for guiding and evolving your Agile teams. You will be practicing a host of advanced personal and group facilitation skills and exercises that will reinvigorate and take your coaching performance to the next level.

  • Deal with common agile problems
  • Dive into team and relationship dynamics
  • Learn how to keep things fresh for your teams
  • Help your teams understand how to deal with different people & motivations 
  • Walk away with a ready-to-use toolkit of coaching games, exercises and tools


What You'll Learn

This highly interactive course applies a unique blend of proven agile coaching techniques, applied improvisation and other experiential techniques to improve your skills in mentoring, teaching and facilitating in a coach’s many stances while remaining flexible, and confident.

  • Process Improvement
  • Driving Change
  • Active Listening
  • Self Awareness
  • Building Agreement
  • Giving Feedback
  • Effective External communication with stakeholders
  • Facilitating Meetings and Ceremonies that stick

Cofacilitated by The Improv Effect  

  • When applied improv is woven into the culture of a company, it instills a safe place for creative change-makers to energize, collaborate, and produce innovations.
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The LitheSpeed Experience

  • Full color high-quality reference printouts
  • Digital copies of all materials, tools and templates presented in class
  • Catered breakfast, lunch and snacks
  • Access to our free retrospective tool Sensei


Day 1: Managing & Facilitating Agile Teams

  • Individual & Team Dynamics in Agile Projects
  • Personal Awareness & Effective Internal Communication
  • Building Collaborative & Cross functional behavior
  • Stakeholder Management & External Communication
  • Agile Assessment techniques

Day 2: An Agile Facilitation Toolkit

  • Launching New Teams and Projects
  • Agile Contracting & Statements of Work
  • Distributed Development using Agile
  • Exercises and Games for Local & Remote teams
  • Interactive Facilitation Techniques

Free Resources

The Whole Goal

The Whole Goal

Team Vision Canvas

Team Vision Canvas

Agile Documentation Journey

Agile Documentation Journey

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