David Bulkin

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David is an agile trainer, consultant, coach, speaker and writer with 25+ years software product development experience, and over a decade of agile experience across the entire value stream from product ideation to development. David has assisted over 50 teams and hundreds of invididuals with the transition from predictive plan driven management to agile methods.

As a Certified Scrum Trainer, David delivers Certified ScrumMaster Training, Certified Product Owner Training, Requirements Workshop, Team Workshop and other courses. David frequently presents at conferences including Scrum Gathering and Agile Palooza and serves as an agile editor at InfoQ.

While on the Board of Directors at the Center for Program Transformation (CPT) he prepared Senate testimony on IT Oversight and contributed to federal legislation. During the late 1990’s David was a VP at JP Morgan Chase managing mission critical technology projects, such as eBanking software development. In the mid 1990’s David built an Internet startup from the group up. David was also a member of the Software Program Managers Network (SPMN) where he identified proven software best practices, conveyed them to managers of large-scale DoD system acquisition programs, and consulted on numerous projects.

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