Agile Consulting

Successful Agile organizations require dedicated leadership and ongoing guidance and oversight. Our Agile consultants will work within all levels of your organization to plan, roll out and scale your Agile adoption in a systematic, pragmatic, risk-free way.

Our Agile consulting practice is backed by deep, hands-on experience leading Agile transformations at the team and organizational levels. We believe in “no deadly embrace” agile consulting, meaning we’ll equip your organization with the tools and technique needed to continue evolving long after we’ve left.

With our guidance, you’ll learn how to:

  • Launch agile projects at the team and organizational levels
  • Facilitate collaboration through direct communication and simple artifacts
  • Speed time to market and encourage continuous delivery
  • Increase team satisfaction and foster a spirit of continuous improvement
  • Sustain long-term organizational success
image for Lean + Agile Assessment

Lean + Agile Assessment

Our Lean-Agile Assessment provides a comprehensive overview of your current state of Agile adoption across people, processes, and products. During the assessment process, we identify your strengths and contraints to achieving desired outcomes and large-scale agile adoption. Read More >>
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Agile Management Consulting

Agile implementations rarely succeed when focused only on the team level, especially if not driven by a clear vision and prioritized by business needs. LitheSpeed Agile management consulting addresses broader organizational issues related to the transition to Agile, governance, project and portfolio management and organizational change. Read More >>
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Agile Team Coaching

Learn how to improve existing agile teams and spread agility beyond technology groups and into the rest of the organization. Read More >>
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Lean Product Innovation

Eric Ries's Lean Startup methodology has taken the business world by storm, and is revolutionizing product development through the application of a Build-Measure-Learn cycle, and the systematic application of techniques such as Customer Discovery, Customer Development, and Pirate Metrics. Read More >>